Limpinwood Gardens Nursery

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Home of Syzgium 'Cascade'  PBR

Russell and Sharon Costin established the first 'Native Plant Nursery' at Norman Park in 1972.  From here they moved to a larger site on Redland Bay Road, Capalaba.  Lakkari Native Plant Nursery, which was the first Australian Plant Nursery in Queensland and was to become an incredible success servicing both retail and wholesale customers for many years.


In 1977 the Limpinwood property was purchased as an annex to 'Lakkari'.  It consists of 80 acres of previous grazing land in the foothills of the Macpherson Ranges just below O'Reilly's Guesthouse on the NSW. side.  Lakkari Native Plant Nursery was closed in the late 1980's and today trades as Limpinwood Gardens Nursery.


Over the years Russell & Sharon have been responsible for introducing, many now well accepted and grown in large numbers, varieties of selelcted or bred Australian Native Plants.  A large focus has been on the selection of Ornamental Australian Rainforest Plants for size and shape suitable for back yard landscapes.


Approximately 10 hectares of Botantic Gardens have been established at Limpinwood, where research and development takes place.  The gardens are also an arboretum of previous introductions of Australian plants that are no longer grown.  During the past 46 years they have been responsible for introduction of many varieties and selections of Australian plants many of which have become the mainstay of the Australian Native Plant Nursery Industry.

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Introducing New Australian Flora since 1972

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Ariel view of Limpinwood Gardens Nursery